2012Headshot1When it comes to copywriting, the world is filled with order-takers. They’ll fill a page or screen with words, all right. Words without meaning, without engagement, without connection. Just words.

I believe that words are the most powerful things on the planet, and they should move the world.

I’ve always worked with people who have a passion. My clients save lives, protect children, or support people facing serious health problems. Some build museums or universities. Others simply help people live a meaningful life. Their passions range from people with special needs to people with special talents to share.

Before starting my own writing business in 2000, I was a grant writer and development officer for the National Kidney Foundation of Upstate New York, Rochester Institute of Technology, Strong National Museum of Play, and Rochester General Hospital Foundation. In the last decade my writing has helped further the missions of Fireproof Children, Prevention 1st, the New York Wine & Culinary Center, Women for WineSense, Thompson Publishing Company and many others.

For these non-profit or for-profit companies I’ve written articles, books, brochure copy, editorials, tribute pieces, direct mail, video and animation scripts, proposals, press releases, web content, taglines and themes, annual reports, newsletters, and speeches. What all these projects had in common was my passion for doing good by writing well.


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