Corporate and non-profit communications for the passionate mind.

You’re not ashamed to say it:  you want to change the world.

Whether you’re raising money for a non-profit cause, providing training and education that improves lives, or helping people lead a healthier life, your ultimate mission is to ‘do good’ in the world.

Doing good requires good writing. Writing that conveys your passion. Writing that persuades and inspires others to embrace your mission, your services, or your product.

•       A direct mail letter that convinces someone to give to your cause.

•       An article that touches a heart.

•       An op-ed piece that changes a mind.

•       A video that captures a life-transforming experience.

As a business writer, copywriter and ghostwriter, my own passionate mission is to do good by writing well. Please take a look at some samples, and contact me.


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